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    Code (js and css) dependency management


      I create code-intensive animation-lite projects for education.  I have utility functions in a js file that I want to keep in one central place on my hard drive.  I also typically have an external css file that is shared by multiple projects.  Whenever I add to or improve these, I want them to end up in the corresponding project folder/subfolder the next time I publish each project so that each published folder stands on its own.


      Can this be accomplished with edge 3.0?  Or is there a better way that what I described?


      P.S.  The way I currently deal with this is to have a central code folder and link to it in a yepnope function.  This has 2 drawbacks:  I have to "publish" this code folder myself (to my staging area), and each published project is no longer a stand-alone all-in-one package.