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    Render error


      Whenever I render, it always says failed and the video ends at 14;27 instead of the actual end of the video. Is something wrong with my render settings?

      Im also a noob so dont tell me complicated language give instructions please

      My comp is comprised of the precomped video (cod edit) with the effect RSMB added

      RSMB settings

      motion sensitivity: 100

      motion blur amount: 2.0

      everything else is default

      PS: Dont tell me any other bs like render from the point where the error started or to do something else rather than to fix it.

      Render settings are best

      Output module is custom: h.264

      log is errors only

      output to desktop with folder and comp inside

      I tried rendering 5 times and it always failed at 14;27

      here are screenshots of the settings:

      Gyazo - c2eec2c2915ad7342b93b8ba882b8639.png

      Gyazo - abffcb5ec6ac1049306d8a8b2e7405fd.png

      Gyazo - 123187e0e88f12ae26299fba4046aa8f.png

      Gyazo - 1985905e04477a89b674636542b5fb26.png

      comp before precomp

      Gyazo - cbce3f5c53fefbc836bb1be25e5ecaf3.png

      precomp with rsmb

      Gyazo - 729a72dab26b5589223f79425962ccf4.png


      59.94 framerate for all


      millions of colors