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    cannot save Connection Key

      Using Contribute4 Connection Key Wizard and trying to send current connection settings the error message appeared "SendMail failed to send message", "Contribute cannot launch your e-mail application. Please click Back and save the connection key to your local machine, then attach the file from within youre-mail application."
      After choosing "Back", Save to local machine, etc.... after "Done" nothing seems to happen. I have searched and found no ".stc" file to send the Connection Key. How can I export a connection key?

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          Are you on Windows or Mac, for Windows try choosing Edit>Administer site> <site name>> click Send Connection key> click save FTP if needed> select your role> save to local machine and enter user name and password> Windows explorer dialogue box should prompt you to save to a target location. Sending via a web email account won't work, you will