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    delay in calculating field




      I am in the process of making a PDF form and I have come across a delay in calculations for a couple of the fields I have tried to change the calculation order around but it doesn't seem to be helping it.


      The way my form works for example if the colour blue is picked from an option it will have a hidden box that changes it to BL then another box will take that information and add it do other bits of information and also the colour will also be printed in another text box but as Blue this happens with several bits of information but the go to the two boxes one with abbreviations and another with the full information the one with the abbreviations is a product code then we have the description of the item.



      If there anyway of fixing this at all? I've tried having the boxes that change the information to abbreviations and I have also tried putting that calculation code in the final box as well and I seem to be getting delays on the information.


      There is also one other thing that the information that is entered calculates it shows icons depending on what is chosen (buttons with pictures) using display.visible and display.hidden and this is taken off the back of the abbreviation boxes.


      If someone can fix this it would be a great help!