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    Online chat no help at all!


      Today I am furious and frustrated. I have now had four conversations with Adobe online chat about my credit card payment not going through. Each time I am told the same thing - update your details here and a link is provided. I am then told it will be processed in 24 hours. 24 hours pass and the issue is still not resolved. I try again explaining the previous conversation and am given the same answer and solution. This has gone on for over a week and now my subscription is suspended. I checked with my bank there is nothing wrong with my credit card and Adobe has made an initial check to make sure my card is valid. For some reason though I am not being charged. The most annoying thing about it is that the people who are meant to be helping me are not actually listening to me and seem to just be following a formula. Which is not a formula that seems to be working in this case.


      So can anyone tell me how to resolve this and who I can talk to that can actually change the outcome please?