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    CS5 crashed and now I can't get my 5d Mrk III files to load

    PeggyFischer Level 1

      CS5 crashed, lost all my actions and then a clipping warning or something happens to certain colors like blues and greens.  Those colors are all blacked out but when I save the image it is fine, makes it hard to work on the image with that.  I have tried to figure out how to turn that off but nothing.  I was told I might need to uninstall and then reinstall, so I did that.  But the clipping is still there and now Bridge does not recognize my canon 5d mrk III files.  Downloaded updates for my camera but nothing changed.  Tired to update photoshop and says there is an error and can't update.  I need this solved asap as I have a wedding I need to start working on today.  Please need help!