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    HTML input field sending incorrect events


      I'm trying to use AngularJS for my extension's UI, and part of it is a live search field.

      However, the function which performs the live search is only called whenever the backspace key is pressed, not for any other character key.


      The same code works in the cefclient test app that matches Premiere's CEF build, version 27, and after some digging with the dev tools it looks like the app is sending bad keydown events for the character keys.


      These are the events cefclient fires when I enter the letter 'h', with extra properties cut out:


      And these are what Premiere CEP fires:


      As you can see, Premiere is sending two incorrect 'Left'/'Right' keyDown events.


      I've made a simple demo extension to show this behaviour, hosted here along with a .mp4 and the unzipped source to view in the browser.




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          Zhihong Chen Level 1

          Hi Matthew,


          Thank you for reporting this and sharing the Demo Extension. Does this bug still happens on your machine? I
          verified it with AngularTextfield on both Windows and Mac, but the problem did not happen. Which platform are you on? My platform details are as following:


          1. Windows7 64-bit; PR versioin 7.0.0 (342).
          2. Mac OSX 10.7; PR version 7.0.0 (342).
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            MattMcN Level 1

            Hi Zhihong,


            I've now tested on a OS X 10.7.5 desktop; my laptop is running OS X 10.9.3.

            Both OSX 10.7 and 10.9 show the problem, running PPro 7.2.2 (33).


            I can't test on Windows as Creative Cloud will not install at the moment.


            - Matthew

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              DBarranca Level 4

              Hello Zhihong,


              same story here: only backspace triggers the binding (I raised the issue in the past too). I'm currently on PS CC 2014 release, OSX 10.9.3

              Matt's extension installs only on CC, but I had a couple of similar extensions of mine that are functionally wrong in the same way on CC 2014 too - bad keyDown events.

              Any help is appreciated!



              Davide Barranca




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                Zhihong Chen Level 1

                Hi Davide,


                Thanks for reporting this; I believe there is a bug of CEP about this. However, the question is that I could not reproduce this error on my side. I installed a clean OS X 10.9.3 and got latest PS CC 2014 release from Thor. Then I tried the test extension you created (com.example.angular1). It works normally. I also tired Matthew’s environment (OS X version, PP version and test extension are same). My guess is that certain tool installed on your machine is conflict with CEP and causes this error. Could you please provide more information about this? Thanks! 

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                  DBarranca Level 4

                  Hi Zhihong,

                  what kind of extra info you're interested into? List of app? Dump of system report? I can send them to you via email.

                  Also: if memory doesn't fail me, back on CC there was a problem with html extensions that arose only unless a flash extension was loaded first (was that about events?) Could this one be along the same line?

                  I've tried removing an "Exchange Panel" (flash) extension that was in the CEP folder (don't ask me why, I have no idea) but to no avail.

                  Besides that, what kind of thing you wonder might interfere? OS preference, applications, library...?