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    License CC Photoshop 7 Lightroom

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      I'm a Adobe client for 6 months now and I'm using Lightroom and Photshop on two seperate PC's. (As far as I know my license allows me to use CC on a max of 3 PC's)
      The problem is that for the last two weeks every day I start using Photoshop I receive a message via a pop-up that I have to activate and that I have ... days left to do that. Now it's only 8 days left. I've tried the problem solver and tested all the 4 actions to test if everything works and it does. I also deactivated my firewall but still the same problem remains.
      When I start Lightroom I receive the message that I have to enter a licensenumber or that I can try Lightroom for 30 days.
      One way or the other this one PC (the other works well) doesn't make any contact anymore with your activation server. I really don't know anymore what to do or what to check. I hope you have an solution...


      My Adobe ID is photogt2012@gmail.com.



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      Pier Giorgio Tesser