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    Flex + asp.net


      I am designing a application. the application is designed by using flex 2.0 for the front end (UI) which interacts with .net by using httpservice and webservice. all the business logics and data access is written in .net. I have many issues on the same. Have anyone worked on such applications. kindly let me know

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          batmitra Level 1
          At the moment i develop with flex and .net, using only httpservice and webservices, so if you have issues, maybe i can help on some.
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            rajeeva_nagaraj Level 1
            Thanks a lot for your reply

            I have few issues related to datagrid

            1. I am able to bind the data to datagrid thru http service which i am getting from asp.net. after some modification to the data in flex datagrid now i want to save the changes made, i am unable to send the datagrid values back to aspx page to save that in database.

            2. I have rendered a combobox in datagrid. now i have to bind data to that rendered combobox which i get thru http service. how should i do that

            3. My application creates datagrids dynamically at runtime sometimes there will be 2 datagrids generated and sometime it will generate 3 datagrids and each datagrid will have seperate set of data to be displaied. but i am unable to set the dataprovider for those datagrids. plz suggest me how can i do that
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              Provide us some code, this way it would be easier to help you.
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                Hi Rajeev,

                If you have control over your web services in .net, I would not pass the datagrid per se...

                In my project, I have converted the datagrids to strings and returned the strings to Flex.

                Then I use the XML object to parse the dataset, Creating a ArrayCollection for each table, with objects inside of the ArrayCollection. For example if you have a Customer table in the DataSet, I would create a Customer Object.If your columns are static in your dataset it should simplify things alot.

                Then I bind my Flex Datagrid to my new Array Collection. When a row is updated I only send that row to my web service to update my datamodel