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    Feature request

    Ansury Level 3
      I've had enough of trying to navigate Adobe's maze...err.. website trying to find where to submit this, so:

      There doesn't appear to be a way to customize the way errors and warnings are handled in FB3. In Eclipse, using Java, you can do this (refer to that as an example, Window->Preferences, under Java->Compiler->Errors/Warnings.)

      The reason (besides it being nice) I'm asking is because I'm getting annoying warnings due to having classes in CSS files. For example:

      MenuItem {
      theme-color: #FF2222;
      text-selected-color: #FFFF00;

      Alert {
      font-family: arial;
      font-size: 14;

      Putting these two classes into a CSS file which is included in your project produces the following worthless warnings:
      -The type selector 'Alert' was not processed, because the type was not used in the application.
      -The type selector 'MenuItem' was not processed, because the type was not used in the application.

      Alert probably WILL be used in the application at some point, but it isn't YET. Well in the mean time, I'd rather not see this dumb warning just because I have it's style a little customized in a CSS file. As for MenuItem, that class will NEVER be "used in the application" because it's in an XMLList that is passed to an XMLListCollection, which is used by a MenuBar.

      It'd be nice to set that type of warning to "Ignore", as you can in Java/Eclipse. I realize this kind of thing shouldn't be a high priority, nor is it at important as other issues out there, but it should get put on some kind of list of "TODOs" so it gets dealt with some day. (Along with many of the other features Java/Eclipse has which aren't implemented in FB yet.)
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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          You can file bugs/enhancement requests in the public Flex bugbase at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/.

          In order to file a bug you'll need to register/login and then click "Create new issue" from the top menu area. Select a project (ie: Flex Builder/SDK/documentation) from the dropdown menu, then select the issue type (Bug or Enhancement).

          You can find more information on creating accounts, browsing bugs, voting, and lots of other topics at https://bugs.adobe.com/confluence/display/ADOBE/Home