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    why won't photoshop start


      i just bought and downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC today but photoshop won't start. i have the little thumbnail at the top of my  home screen and i clicked down load photoshop so I'm not sure what I'm missing.

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          NightSkyGuy Level 1

          Did you get a message saying that it completed installation?  Until all 3Gb of Photoshop CC are download and installed, it won't start.


          Also, on a Windows machine or Mac machine you usually have to answer a dialog box to allow the installation to proceed. Sometimes those pop-ups take a long time to show up... and sometimes an accidental key press answers "No".  If you answered no or dismissed the install dialog, Creative Cloud Desktop usually shows a "Failed" message.




          Finally the "Icons" on the Creative Cloud Desktop cannot be used to actually LAUNCH the application. You will have to do that in the "normal" way for your computer.