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    Processing ColdFusion variables which resides inside a database table

    Abdul L Koyappayil Level 1

      One of my table is saving an HTML form which contains coldfusion variables. In my code I am querying this table and I need to display this form in the front end. But while dsiplaying I am getting the coldfusion variable name itself instead the processed value of the variables.



      HTML Form saved in the db table:




          <form action="" name="ci_entry_form" id="ci_entry_form" method="post">

          <table width="100%" height="100%" border="0">


          <td align="right"><b style="color:red">*</b> <label class="pop_up_letter_font">G/L #     :</label></td>

          <td>    <input class="pop_up_textbox" type="text" name="gl_number_text" id="gl_number_text" maxlength="21" value="#ARGUMENTS.chkDetails.GL_ACCT_NBR#" required/>   

          <select class="pop_up_dd" name="gl_number_drop" id="gl_number_drop" onChange="enableDisableGL()">

          <option value="">---Select---</option>

          <option value="new">Enter a new G/L number</option>

          <cfoutput query="glNumbers">

          <option value="#glNumbers.GL_ACCT_NBR#">#glNumbers.GL_ACCT_NBR#</option>









      Method (cffunction) contains below code to query this html form from db table and return the html form.

      ========================================================================================== ==



          <cfquery name="qry_getTemplate" datasource="#APPLICATION.dsn#">

          select FORM_TXT from HTML_FORMS where REQ_ID = 172




          <cfsavecontent variable="form_content">

          <cfoutput>#qry_getTemplate.FORM_TXT #</cfoutput>






      But when I dump the cfcontent variable (form_content ) I am getting the HTML Form without processing the coldfusion variables (**#ARGUMENTS.chkDetails.GL_ACCT_NBR# , #glNumbers.GL_ACCT_NBR#**).



      Am I missing something. Can any one help me out resolve this.



      Your timely help is well appreciated.



      Thanks in advance.