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    Adobe 11000 (11007) starts in background by double click on .pdf, can't tab to it


      Hello all.


      I've installed Adobe Reader XI (Ru) on just installed Windows 8.1 (x86 pro, 6.3 9600 build, Ru localization, w/o any updates) as Administrator and with switched off UAC.

      Once i double click on PDF file, AcroRd32.exe appears in Task Dispatcher, but not in Task Bar, no UI with my file in; one new task for each try appears.

      If i start application and open file using file system browser - it works fine.


      I've already agreed Adobe license terms.


      Didn't help: 1) unistall / install the app, 2) applying of 10007 update (AdbeRdrUpd11007.msp) 3) set AR XI in Control Panel -> Default programs as prefered for PDF 4) turning it off and on again three times.


      Could you pls advice what shoud i do to avoid the problem? Using En version of AR is not acceptable for me.


      Thank you in advance.