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    To Adobe Leaderships - A very bold and crazy proposal about AS4 and Swift

    周戈 Level 1

      Dear Adobe Leaderships,


      Me as a developer of both Adobe and Apple, here is my proposal about AS4 and Swift, I'll make it short:


      1. Restart the ActionScript 4 program, make the language syntax near as Apple Swift as possible.


      2. Develop a brand new version of the AIR ADT iOS Packager, find a way to pack the AS4 to native Swift codes, and run the AIR application natively on iOS & Mac OS, resulting in a much better performance.


      I know this sounds crazy, and requires tons of works, but come on, the Flash Platfrom is at the brink of destruction, it's dying and it needs innovation, it's now or never!



      If Adobe make AS4 almost identical to Swift, it's gonna be a huge benefit for Adobe:


      1. Developers who develop with Swift for iOS & Mac OS, they can easily develop with AS4 for all other mainstream platforms, without having to learn different languages (although they have to learn different frameworks), this will draw a lot of Apple developers' attentions! In other words, Adobe can "steal" a lot of Apple's developers, so far as I know, people who develop for Apple also develop for Android and other platforms, they will be pleased to know that AS4 can do all of them.


      2. ActionScript 4 will become the most popular script language of all time, a lot of Adobe's design and development tools on AS4 are gonna sell much more and much faster, money will come when it's massively popular!



      Well that's my silly proposal about AS4 and Swift, if you are an Adobe employee, please forward this post to your leaders and CEO, thanks




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