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    Variable user experience when using radio buttons to set Presence

    steve_foxall Level 2

      I've somewhat lost faith in LiveCycle due to the apparent unpredictability of what happens to the form for various users. I've really no idea whether this is due to their versions of Reader, Acrobat, Windows, or just the weather on the day, but I'll have another go at trying to find out.

      I have (for example) a pair of mutually exclusive radio buttons with checkbox appearance, with Y/N options.  The Y option is meant to display a further question (that is normally hidden).

      The N option retains the hidded status.  It works just fine for me in Acrobat X (LS Designer ES 9.0) and Reader X.


      The code on the buttons is:-


      form1.#subform[14].Table6[1].Row1.#subform[0].radio4[0].Yes::click - (JavaScript, client)


      this.resolveNode("IfYesRef").presence = "visible";




      form1.#subform[14].Table6[1].Row1.#subform[1].radio4[1].No::click - (JavaScript, client)


      this.resolveNode("IfYesRef").presence = "invisible";


      Some users send the form back with the text present (when it should be), but others tick the box but get no additional text.  The latest 'failure' is for a user withReader 9.4.0.


      Elsewhere on the form is a dropdown date box, which on completion is meant to trigger more 'show and hides' and these don't work either for the same users.


      Any (not too technical) suggestions welcomed!   I'm not a code jockey.