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    How to create an animated button for Captivate 8... ?

    NicoolFly Level 1

      Hello !

      It's my first discussion, there. I'm a captivate's user and I want to learn about inserting HTML5 in my projects. But I don't know the code !

      I managed my first animations like logos following a path... But it's just well looking - not functionnal -

      I would have 2 questions, if you could help me :

                1 - If you had to advise the best way to learn the bases of HTML5, on internet, which link would have I to follow ?

                2 - If I created an animated button, in Edge Animate, which would be clickable in captivate, how could I add a link to drive the user to another part of my Elearning project ?

      I hope you will forgive my english.

      I really thank you for helping me.