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    InDesign CC crashes when working large >1TB file / usually after PDF-export

    Samuli Seppala

      InDesign CC 9.2.1 64-bit (Win 7) crashes when working large, appr. 1 TB file. Crashing happens both with 32-bit and 64-bit version. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled InDesign and Acrobat as well – no help. Crashing does not occur if I have not exported document to a PDF-file during the session. After I have exported it to a 16-32 page PDF-file few times, InDesign will typically crash randomly at any place, while copying/pasting/cutting. Having PDF-export done background or not does not make any difference.




      Probably same problem what Dov Isaacs wrote: “it is possible that at least with the 32-bit versions of InDesign (CS6 and earlier), you are simply running out of address space for InDesign and its core technology components to complete the PDF export. The workaround I found for exporting PDF from such long and/or complex documents is that after I am done editing, I save the file and close InDesign. I then restart InDesign and open the document. I immediately invoke the export function and don't attempt any other operations before the export finishes! Do not page through the document. That uses up valuable address space and memory used by internal components.”


      Any other solutions to fix this problem except restarting InDesign for PDF-export purpose only?