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    hello techienumber1 here

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      is there anyone out there using Mozilla fire-fox and there network keeps falling off well

      don't use it why well I'll tell you Mozilla 29 is causing some real issues at the moment I have had to remove it from about 30 machines that network failure was a weekly thing after removal I did a hack check and found some really nasty things going on

      use an alternate browser I know what you are going to say that mozy is a good browser well they used to be when they kept it simple but they keep adding new stuff and it wrecks the browser keep it simple and straight forward and it works

      as techienumber1 I am getting know as a good resource for good info

      I also found a flash error adobe please note this in flash6.ocx // this is a ghost file and resides in registry this is causing the slowing of flash-player this is the problem behind that little glitch