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    Im trying to create a fading button with a fading action.

    pavese808 Level 1

      I can't figure out how to create a fading button with an additional action to it. I'll do my best to lay out how the actions should work: [red = not working]


      Button > roll over> fade> (that part I have down perfectly) click button> button temporarily replaced with text> roll out of text > process repeated in reverse for smooth fading.


      Every time I set up all these actions and get it the way I want, I run into a bunch of problems:

      Text box holder and text can not be over the button. (Where I need them to sit) When they sit over the button it blocks it from doing any of its specified actions. So I'll make the text box and text a hidden item, then they lose their transition and start flickering when they are interacted with.


      This is basically the last piece of my clients new site and I just need to figure this one little thing out. Please help if possible!