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    Rotate Bitmap.

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      What I've managed to achieve so far is...You place lots of different sprites of all different shapes sizes in an area on the stage and I create a stage image of the composition. Some of the Sprites contain alpha's on them which i then build into a MAIN image. Everything works fine, BUT..You can rotate and resize these sprites and the problem I have is in the rotate. I need to grab the Alpha channel from the bitmaps and rotate where needed and then apply it to the MAIN alpha which I then apply to the MAIN image.

      I've done some research and I've found this xtra which is called Rotate Bitmap xtra. Has anybody used it and do you think it will solve my problem. Link below...


      I'd be interested in any way in solving this. Cheers in advance for any help on the matter.

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          Anybody trying to help me with this I've made some progress using the quad command. I haven't used quad and I'm finding very differcult to get my head round the math points to sort this one out!!!

          Again, thanks for any pointers you might be able to throw my way!
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            I've found a solution which does seem to work. It's a bit of a mess but I've never used quad before!

            Thanks to anybody taking the time to look at this thread.

            Cheers Simon.