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    ADE does not show my Sony PRS-TS1 so I cannot transfer the library books I have downloaded.  How can I get it to recognize the reader?


      Downloaded ADE and authorized computer.  Downloaded my library books from library site.  Connected my reader then opened ADE.  According to the tutorial it should show a split screen with the device on the left and all I have to do is authorize it and then drag and drop the books into it.  Unfortunately the split screen shows the books on one side but no reader or even a place that says 'device'.  It just shows the last read book and the bookshelves.  What am I doing wrong and is there a fix so I can start using my reader again?  Kobo says they are working on the problem but have no idea how long it will take, so ADE is supposed to pick up the slack until the fix.  Right now I have nothing.