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    Replacing SendNow with Send: You've got to be kidding


      When SendNow is withdrawn in August I expect I'll be cancelling my account and finding a service somewhere else.  I've been an Adobe customer for something like 20 years and I don't think I've ever seen a "transition" as bad as the experience to date with "Send". 


      It's missing critical features (branding, expiry, security).  You say "we know those are important and we'll release them this summer"; so what are you doing releasing this new service *before* it has features you know are critical?  Free beta-testing at the expense of your customers' business?  Nowhere on the web pages does it say "the new service is ready for your use, but it only partially works and will probably cost you business".


      New, arbitrary, and unacceptable restrictions.  "We've noticed many people send fewer than 50 files.  Therefore no one is allowed to send more than 50 files."  Proposed solution:  zip the files, passing the problem of handling them on to my customers (and making the collection un-browsable.)  What year is this?


      Degraded performance - many times slower than SendNow, and doesn't multi-task well. (SendNow works fine with multiple different uploads running in different browser tabs, Send doesn't)


      Worse:  I can't rely on it.  After sending bundles of images out over the last many hours, including the suggested kludge of manually uploading them first and then sending from the cloud, I have learned that several of the bundles are quietly missing some of the images.  Looking into this, I can now see it happening:  Drag-drop 40 files, wait through the painfully slow upload and, near the end of the process, the progress bar quietly changes from saying "40 files" to saying something like "37 files".  Sure enough, 3 files aren't there.  Or are they...?


      Then, trying to upload the missed files (no explanation of why they weren't uploaded, by the way), after another painfully slow upload, it says "the files you are uploading already exist."  After selecting one of the offered options - keep old file, keep new file, or rename and keep both - the missing files are *still* missing.


      I have given up on Send and gone back to SendNow, and it will take a lot of convincing for me not to unsubscribe when SendNow expires.

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          I fully appriciate your frustration Krynkle, I thought it was just me that couldn't see how this was a replacemennt service for "YouSend".  Then again I can't say I'm surprised as since the release of Adobe CC last year things seem to have gone downhill fast at Adobe and I'm seriously starting to question advocating Adobe and its services to customers or colleagues.


          It all started out so well with the launch of Adobe CS6 back in June 2012, then came the so called upgrade to CC with native 64Bit in particular InDesign which one might have thought would have ushered in a bright future and meant you'd be even more efficient.  However quite the reverse, InDesign 64Bit is problematic to say the least, it's type handling is dire, its slower than the 32Bit version by a large factor.  Not really what you would have expected from the prememinent company Adobe is held to be.


          New features are fine, we all want them.  But fixing the shortcomings in the Creative Cloud should at the very least be the main focus if it is to remain the publishing service of choice.  I hope that Adobe find it in themselves to reflect on the roll out of CC and make strides in ensuring we don't suffer such and poorly managed roll out for the future.


          Good luck and I hope they fix "Send" to be evrything "YouSend" was only better - not worse.




          Pat Doyle

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            bob3352 Level 1

            I also share similar frustrations with Send.  I have to wonder about what it the heck Adobe is doing. 


            Send has all sorts of irrelevant junk attached to it but seems to have problems with the fundamentals -- like sending files, lists of emails etc.   Cute, unhelpful error messages are maddening.    I have had repeated problems sending large files ~ 100 MB or so zipped.   I had to zip the files because Send assumed the binary files were some file type that they were not and so changed 'em  grrrr!!! 


            Send repeatedly fails to send the files whereas the old standby Sendnow works just fine.  Returning to your workstation after a couple of hours and seeing a message informing you that the files you thought were being sent while your were gone had failed and telling you "try again" is TOO MUCH.  Why should I "try" again when it is Send that is the problem. What year is this where I need to "try" to get a computer to do things.


            Over a couple of years of use I have NEVER had such a problem with Sendnow.   So the Adobe suggestion that if you have more than 50 file you should just zip 'em is baloney because what you will find is that zip files will often fail. 


            I have other things to do and really don't want to take the time to evaluate other platforms but it appears that Adobe really isn't serious about this type of service and thus I guess I will have to do it.