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    Text looking terrible in InDesign document...


      I am running into an issue putting together a marketing report for my work. The small photo caption text (frutiger light size 8) looks terrible when I PDF it.

      But in addition to it looking terrible when I pdf it, it also looks terrible in the InDesign document if I get too close to an image.


      I have tried putting all the text on a separate layer that is on top of everything else (including anything that is a transparency).

      The body text (which is frutiger regular size 9) looks totally fine.


      I do have transparencies on my pages but I have to because my boss likes us to have drop shadows when we show sample document pages.


      How can I fix this? The proposal document is going to be delivered digitally, so even if it prints ok that wont work because most likely it will only be viewed on screen.


      These images show how the text changes depending on how close or far away I get.