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    Dynamic validation error box will not go away

      Hi, I am doing dynamic field validation, and noticed that the red error
      box turns from red to faint red after a Valid event is dispatched on an
      originally invalid field.

      A dynamic validation example done by Aral Balkan will illustrate my
      point; follow the link below GOT TO THE LAST entry form on the page, select any
      field and enter an INVALID string then move currsor to another field
      and then go back to the original field, you will notice initially a
      bright red error box, then after correcting the error by entering a
      valid string the red box goes from brigth red to faint red, only when
      you remove focus will the faint red box go away. This is somewhat
      misleading, the user will have to second guess if he/she corrected the
      entry. Could anyone shed some light on this issue, and provide a work
      arround. Thank you.