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    screen goes black when doing anything after I open the image

    wenda pyman Level 1

      I've been using Photoshop CC on and off. I have Mac OS 10.9.3.  Today, I tried to change an image and the image was locked. Usually not. Finally figured out how to unlock it. Then when I tried to make layers, the screen would go black even though it shows in the layer. Somehow, I managed to work around that, but then when I selected the type tool, it went black again. I tried several times, but can't see the image. I finally flattened it and saved it even though I couldn't see it. I then reopened the image, the changes are there, but again, I can't edit it or it goes black. What gives? Never ran into this before. I don't remember inadvertently hitting some button.  Any ideas?  Nothing else has changed, same computer, same everything.