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    RoboHelp Office Pro - Automated offline help?

      The summary of features for RoboHelp Office Pro lists "automated offline help" as a feature but I can't find anything about how this works. We plan to publish our WebHelp Pro project to a server using RoboEngine but would like users to be able to fall back on a local copy of the help files. Any ideas what this listed feature really means?
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          Hi EmmaG2 and welcome to our community

          Unless I'm mistaken, you are referring to a feature known as "airplane help". This is something your developers would do. I have no idea how to set this up, but as I understand it, you create a compiled .CHM version of your help system. The compiled .CHM is placed on the user's local hard drive. Then your developer configures the call to help so that *IF* the connection to WebHelp Pro is unavailable (as would be the case if you were traveling on an airplane-hence the term "airplane help") then the call automagickally switches to the offline version. How well this works in actual use remains to be seen. We often see that RoboHelp's very own help often fails users and presents a blank window. And the fix is normally to configure RoboHelp HTML to simply always look for help locally.

          I can't imagine this would take place without some .DLL in the picture that your developers will need to call. Try looking inside the help file that ships with RoboHelp HTML. Look in the Index using the term: "Airplane Help".

          Hopefully this helps... Rick