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    dwsync.xml was denied error

    joseChemist Level 1

      I am using a site from catalyst templates. I added a new image to a slide but Dreamweaver do not want to synchronize it. It returns a dwsync.xml was denied.





      Any idea what is wrong?

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          Alex Pavelescu Adobe Employee



          Still having this issue? I haven't personally stumbled across this issue so far, but from what I see it's not related to BC, but to permissions over the respective file/folder, which can be tackled by disabling the option to "Maintain Synchronization Information": http://prntscr.com/3tz1lh, from Site Definitions, under Remote Server.


          Hope this helps!


          Kind Regards,



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            FooWingLi Level 1

            I am having a similar issue but only for files in sub directories.
            Every time I am opening a file for example \\wwwwroot\sub_folder\index.html I am getting the same error message.


            However when I open a file in the parent directory I am not getting this error \\wwwroot\index.html.


            My local files are not actually stored on my local machine but are stored on our domain server in my users documents folder.


            I have tried showing the hidden folder and files to locate the _notes folder and delete it along with the dwsync.wml then closing and opening DW but there is no such folder created to delete.


            I have also turned off Maintain synchronization information and I still get the same error message.


            I do have a test server but not a remote server setup.


            I have the test server setting to automatically push filers to test server and always suto save dependent files.


            But every time I open or make changes to the index.html pay with my sub-directory \\wwwroot\sub-directory\index.html I get this message appearing.


            It does not happen with any of my parent directory files.


            How can I stop this message appearing without having to move my files from my domain server user folder onto my local machine disc drive?

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              FooWingLi Level 1

              Well I didn't have the time or the patience to wait for a response and ended up placing my website files on local disk drive. This allowed the dwsync.xml file to be created and has fixed my problem. However I would prefer to have the files on our domain server as this is automatically backup and my local disk drive is not.


              But anyhow. I have solved this problem myself.


              But it doesn't explain why the parent directory files manage to create a _notes/dwsync.xml but the sub folder wasn't able to create the same folder and file with the server domain user folder.