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    Bad FTP in Dreamweaver CS6


      The FTP in Dreamweaver CS6 is really bad and that's mildly said. Actually: it sucks. When will there be a solution? I am a user since the early days of Macromedia and it is never fixed. This article describes the problem perfectly: http://b.smpl.st/2012/08/dear-adobe-dreamweavers-ftp-sucks/

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi sjoerd,


          Thank you for reporting the issue. The Dreamweaver team has been in the process of fixing FTP issues through updates. From the data that we have, the number of FTP issues reported have significantly reduced since Dreamweaver CC. Can you give the trial version a shot and let us know if you are still facing the same problems?




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            Sjoerd Level 1

            I did, but it is the same: always 'Waiting for server’, tried everything but without success. Besides that: it is a crucial function in a web editor. It should work properly also in DW CS6, but it doesn't.

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              Preran Adobe Employee

              Thanks. I will forward this post to the concerned teams for their inputs and for any action that may be required.




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                MurraySummers Level 8

                I'd just like to say that I've used DW since DW2 and have never experienced FTP problems that I couldn't trace to some other cause, like local firewall, server configuration, etc. Throughout that time, I have only ever used DW for my web-related FTP activity. That's not to say that there aren't potential problems there, but for me (a heavy user), I have never experienced them.

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                  Sjoerd Level 1

                  Well, I did. At home, office: different providers, routers: always the 'Waiting for server message’, whatever I tried :-(

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                    Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    What specifically have you tried to get your FTP up and running?


                    I'm with Murray on this. I use DW's FTP pretty much exclusively, regularly uploading to several different servers from several different networks and I've never had an issue with the program itself. Any FTP problems I've had, aside from goofed up FTP setting caused by operator error, have come from external sources like bad routers, wonky server settings, lost permissions, insane company firewall settings, etc.


                    I'm pretty sure with a little digging the folks here can help get your FTP running smoothly.

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                      Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

                      Please check if there is any update available for Dreamweaver. Go to Help > Updates


                      If there is any then install that after that please restart your system.


                      Also, you can try with new user account.

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                        Sjoerd Level 1

                        Duh, I did for over ten years. Never had a reliable and fast FTP connection in DW. I think Adobe don't feels like to fix it and give stupid answers like this. Search for: Dreamweaver FTP sucks. I am not the only one. Fix it!

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                          I feel quite the same, the dW-ftp sucks, and working with other programmers side by side they laugh at me i m sticking with it.
                          The worst thing is that it takes foever to upload stuff since it does lots of other stuff in the background. BUT the worst of all


                          DW doesnt let me continue to work on a file while it is uploading it.
                          This is a total killer, while when i work with other tools the saving and uploading work INDEPENDENTLY in the background.


                          I need agile tools,...

                          and though I've liked DW for years i m getting more and more frustrated the longer I use it


                          is there any way to replace the dreamweaver the dreamweaver ftp-client with the winscp?


                          It IS possible when i open a file through Winscp in DW via the default doc opener.
                          Meaning: I have an instance of winscp running and tell it to open a file, THERE i can say: my default .htm/.php editor/viewer is Dreamweaver, so it will open in DW, btu when i save it, the FTP-handling is done via WinSCP!! - so theoretically it COULD work.
                          I just dont like the mentioned solution since i work with a lot of files and i want to open the files from the DW-window, not from the Winscp window.


                          So, is there a chance?!

                          Or could some programmer just please unattach the file upload from the edit, or enable an option to do that, or what do i know?
                          So that i might recommend DW for others??!!




                          Moderator note: This is a duplicate question to Using WinSCP as default Ftp-Client for Dreamweaver CC? Please reply using the other post.

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                            paulk7737514 Level 2

                            I would never use Dreamweaver's FTP to put large sites to the remote server. I have enough to worry about as it is.