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    default easing function on move animation

    Ibarim Level 1


      I'm trying to animate object to move left/right on a conveyor and then to fall down at the end of it. When falling from the conveyor object rotates just like in real life any object would.

      Problem is that at the end of move left/right animation the object slows down and stops before it starts the next animation. I set the easing function to null just to be sure that no easing function is set, but it seems like there is. Am I missing something where the default easing function is set?

      Furthermore - is there a way to join animations seemlessly, without stopping the object everytime animation ends?


      Here's the code example for moving object right and then falling down:


      <mx:Sequence id="seq" >

        <mx:Move id="movSide"  duration="500" xBy="300" easingFunction="null"/>

        <mx:Parallel id="para" duration="700" effectEnd="paraSideEnd(event)">

             <mx:Move id="movRot" xBy="50"/>

             <mx:Rotate id="rot" originY="{height}" angleTo="90" originX="0"/>


        <mx:Move id="movDown" duration="700" yTo="500" effectEnd="someFunction()"/>