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    How to list all documents that has linked a image file?


      Hi everyone,

      I'd like to know if there's a way to find all linked file to a file: i have a logo image that a lot of inDesign files have linked to it and i'd like to find all those inDesign files.

      I know that Bridge CS6 can list all linked files of a .indd file but i'd like the opposite



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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Not possible. Indesign does not store extra information about linked files outside of itself or documents.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You might be able to do it via scripting. If you have to search an entire volume it would be impractical, but something like this AppleScript would open all of the ID files inside of a chosen folder and its sub folders. Once the ID file is open it could check for a specific link and if it exists leave the file open otherwise close:





            global mylinkname

            --change YourLinkNameHere to the logo link's name

            set mylinkname to "YourLinkNameHere"


            tell application "Finder"


                set the thisFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose a folder. The extension of all files inside will be hidden.")

                my ProcessFolder(thisFolder)

                tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"


                    display dialog "Done"

                end tell

            end tell


            on ProcessFolder(thisFolder)

                set theseItems to list folder thisFolder without invisibles

                repeat with i from 1 to count of theseItems

                    set thisItem to alias ((thisFolder as text) & (item i of theseItems))

                    set the iteminfo to info for thisItem

                    if folder of the iteminfo is true then




                    end if

                end repeat

            end ProcessFolder


            on ProcessItem(thisalias)

                tell application "Finder"


                    if creator type of file thisalias is "InDn" and kind of file thisalias is not "InCopy® Lock File" then

                        tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"


                            --set user interaction level of script preferences to never interact

                            open thisalias

                            set llist to name of every link of active document

                            if mylinkname is not in llist then

                                tell active document


                                end tell

                            end if

                            --set user interaction level of script preferences to interact with all

                        end tell

                    end if

                end tell

            end ProcessItem

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're running Windows, (or perhaps your files are on a network which includes one or more Windows machines), find and install a search utility named Agent Ransack. It's the free "light" version of a more sophisticated product, but it will find the linked file's name referenced in the "code" of InDesign files.


              For example, a search for *.indd


              ...with linkedfile.ai entered in the "Containing Text" field


              ...will hit all the InDesign files in which linkedfile.ai has been Placed.


              It does exactly what you're asking.