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    What happened to corporate branding?


      I understand things move on and we all need to be flexible and change with the times, but I was wondering what happened to corporate branding when sending large files in SEND.  Seems to be completely gone!

      Also it doesn't seem to remember the email addresses you type in as did YOUSEND.



      Pat Doyle

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          bob.treitman Employee Moderator

          Customized branding will absolutely be included with Adobe Send; we know that this is an important feature for many customers, and wouldn't dream of taking it away! We're planning to add that feature later this summer. Until the branding option is available in Adobe Send, you can keep using SendNow to do all your file sending, and use the logo/customization feature there. We'll let you know when you can brand your Adobe Send correspondences, and that's when it'll be safe to make the switch to the new service - but it's perfectly fine to stick with SendNow until then.

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            padwick19 Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            Many thanks for your response, I'm glad we are not loosing this feature.  I hope that in time SEND becomes every bit as useful as YOUSEND and proves to be a great updated service.  Quite why Adobe decided that SEND was ready for launch to users at this time escapes me.  I don't want to jump on the band wagon in trashing Adobe and the SEND service over this as many have, as I'm not a programmer and unqualified to comment on the technical issues involved in its roll-out.


            As a designer I now rely heavily on the Adobe Creative Cloud services and I do understand that things don't always measure up to the high hopes one had for them and sometimes a deadline comes and you have to release things that you aren't fully happy with.  Designers have to do that all the time.  However, I do sometimes wonder why Adobe feels it has to launch software that isn't fully developed to the cloud, I thought the whole point was to make updates available through the cloud when they are ready rather than waiting for the product cycle as we used too.  So why the rush?


            We all want new features, but I rather that they be longer in coming rather than rushed and unreliable.  I'd prefer Adobe gave higher priority to optimising their code to run faster and with greater reliability.


            I've had to go back to using YOUSEND as you suggest purely out of practicality.  Three times in the last week clients have complained they hadn't received their files or something went wrong and I've had to explain to them the problems with the SEND service.  They don't really understand or give a jot about the issues relayed to them, they just tend to question your professionalism in using Adobe services to conduct business if they are unreliable and reflects poorly on Adobe as leaders in the field of digital marketing services and my judgement in electing to use them.


            Anyway thanks once again for your kind response to my question.  I wish Adobe well with SEND when it is ready for mainstream use and look forward to using it.


            Pat Doyle

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              Jonathan Herbach Adobe Employee

              Hi Pat,


              Thanks so much for your feedback. The product team knowingly released Adobe Send without customized branding because our market research showed that it was not a universally used feature within SendNow, and we believe that the other capabilities within Adobe Send will meet the needs of the majority of our customers. That said, we know that customized branding is important to many of our customers, and as Bob implies above, we intend to release this feature prior to decomissioning SendNow. This detail may not be as clear as it could be in our Adobe Send FAQ and Adobe Send Transition FAQ, and we will update those accordingly.


              We are especially concerned, however that you and your clients feel that hte Adobe Send service is unreliable. Can you share more information about your workflow? Are you using the Adobe Send website, or are you trying to send files from within Adobe Reader? What were the files you were trying to send?



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                padwick19 Level 1

                Hi Johnathan,


                I used the website to send files, which apparently just disappeared without trace and were undelivered.  Primarily I subscribed to YouSend to be able to send out large files that would be unable to be handled by email because of their size.  I would send directly through Acrobat Reader but many clients have ridiculously low size quotas in place on their email servers.  I've even tried educating clients to use the Share service on Acrobat.com where they could review the documents on-line or download and print out.  Sadly they don't seem to get it, they're either obstinate or thick (probably the former as they run multi million pound companies).


                I work as a commercial designer producing catalogues and marketing material, hence the files can become significant in size.  The reason the branding is an issue for me and I would imagine other professionals is that when the links come through on clients email systems they recognise them as being genuine and from a known source.  This may well be the reason the files mentioned earlier disappeared without trace.  They could well have been treated by the clients email systems as junk and removed.  Hence my assertion for its re-instatement.  No good me even asked them if his was the case as I'd just get the blank glazed over stare from them.


                I know the majority of your customers probably don't use this and many of the other features that were removed from YouSend.  Since the launch of the Creative Cloud I am aware that Adobe has had an enormous increase in its user base and that majority will be consumers.  However Adobe should remember that whilst the rest of the world is moving to what everyone deems the post PC world, as designers we still need full featured, robust tools to create all the content for the post PC world of tablets, smartphones and devices.


                I personally work in the Windows world on workstations by nature of the client base.  I'm responsible for dragging a countrywide electrical distributor here in the UK into the twenty first century and getting the use of tablets and devices adopted by the workforce and management alike in the workplace.  The reason for my irritation over the premature roll-out of the SEND service is not because I think it ill conceived, I don't there are many promising features in there.  It's just that these companies have place their trust in me to make this transition to the digital age and I have in turn placed my trust in Adobe and its services to help me make that happen.


                When things go wrong, it makes that job much harder.  I don't want to have to defend my professionalism or choice of Adobe and its services being brought into question as this undermines confidence in what is proving to be a mountainous hill to climb.  People want change, until they get change.  Then they pick on the flimsiest of reasons or failures to support their argument not to have change.


                Go ask Microsoft's Windows Team if I'm not right!


                Sorry its a bit of a long reply, I just wanted to get across to Adobe that whilst everyone wants easy to use Apps for their devices.  As designers we need robust, reliable tools not Apps.  We'll all still be here on our workhorses be they Apple or Windows workstations building their wonderful post PC world.


                Anyway good luck with SEND and I'll certainly give it another go when you have ironed out the issues.  Please feel free to send me information when you think it fully ready for mainstream use.




                Pat Doyle