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    How to start action (animation) without using triggers


      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to create a shooting game, where several bad boys ("symbols") are trying to get to a specific place (end of theirs animation) and you gotta shoot them (click on them) before they get there. If one of them get to the end position the game will be over.


      Ok and now: my problem starts when I want to animate at least two bad boys following each other. If I shot the first one and didn't get the other one, It would get to the end position in different time and I want them when they get there to trigger "game over screen". I couldn't use the "triggers" cos it worked in exact time on timeline, so although I shot the first guy the game was over cos of that "trigger".


      I'd like to know if there is any way how to set "triggers" to react with specific symbol. Or probably not "triggers" but any kind of code, which would make that specific symbol to start next action after finishing animation.


      I hope it make little bit sense what I've wrote here.



      Thank you for answers