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    Sound editing in a project

    Guille Fuertes


      I'm preparing to start a project. It takes a lot of animation and some video stuff, and I'm thinking of developing it in the Adobe environment. The Creative Cloud. The problem I see is sound editing. I have used some old versions of Flash, and there wasn't the possibility of real sound editing in the timeline, as it was (and is), for example, in Premiere. I know that now there are many improvements in the Adobe softwares, but don't really...


      Because of the nature of the project, I need a certain flexibility with audio editing, some capacity of fixing, adding, cutting... I was thinking in doing everything in Premiere, but don't really know if can integrate the Flash animations in the timeline. Or using Flash and managing audio with Audition... through Bridge...


      As I write, I see that really need some update myself... Sorry for my ignorance, and hope in this Forum someone could help me to grasp again my oxidated skills with Adobe stuff. Thanks in advance,