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    storing several values externally and updating them

      I think I need a bit of help here.

      I am working on a piece in which I want to keep track of what all users -- whenever they might view the piece -- do within the piece. There are really only two options for users [A or B] and I want to keep track of what each viewer does and then the total number of viewers.

      I have no problem getting info from external txt files via loadVars; my question is whether I can then change the content of a txt file out of flash.

      Alternately is there a way I can trigger a JAVA class to perform the necessary manipulations of the txt file.

      I am hoping there is a way I am missing for ActionScript to rewrite a txt file that I am missing, or perhaps some other way to store an variable that can be accessed and updated each time a new user views the piece that isn't reset each time the swf is loaded.

      I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.