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    Progress bar from menu item problem?


      I have a script that creates a document with 50 pages while showing a progress bar in a palette window and it works fine.


      If I create a menu and run it from there the progress bar doesn´t update until the pages are created.


      I´ve had this problem for a really long time and it´s time to get this sorted out. The thing is that it used to work before an update long ago. It works on PC but not on mac.


      #targetengine "Testing"
      var test_menu = app.menus.item('$ID/Main').submenus.add('Test');
      var menu_item = app.scriptMenuActions.add('Create document...');
      menu_item.eventListeners.add('onInvoke', function()
        var w = new Window('palette');
        w.pbar = w.add('progressbar', undefined, 0, 50);
        w.pbar.preferredSize.width = 300;
        for( var i = 1; i <= 50; i++ )
        w.pbar.value = i;
      test_menu.menuItems.add( menu_item );