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    Skip Logic--with required answers



      I am creating a survey for the moderators of educational sessions. Each moderator is required to complete (8) session surveys as a condition of their registration fee reimbursement. I want moderators to only need to add their contact information once.

      Since each session must be completed individually, I want moderators to be directed to taking the survey again after they answer YES to "Do you have sessions to add?" at the very end of the survey. We are running into issues because we want each session to appear in the responses as a unique set of answers (since these are individual sessions that they are responding to).

      So far, the only solution I have been able to come up with is to copy+paste the survey 8 times. Each additional session has [Session 2] before the question in the label field (then 3, 4, etc. for the additional sessions). Is there a way to make certain text invisible to those taking the survey? I don't want them to see the [Session] part before the question, but I want the responses to be separate from each other.


      Any feedback or FormsCentral hacks are greatly appreciated, as I am new to this software. Thanks!