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    How do I resize the "Save Document as" dialog box


      I have an office laptop with InDesign CS 5.5 somehow my dialog box has become huge! and I can't figure out how to make it smaller again. (see screenshot below)

      Whenever it is saving I have hovered my mouse over the edges and corners and it just keeps the circle showing that it is busy and won't let me resize it.

      I don't mind it so much when I have my laptop docked and am using the duel screens at the office but when I am having to work from home on the laptop the box is taller than my screen.

      Unfortunately since this is a work computer I can't do anything such as uninstall and reinstall without having to involve the IT department. Is there an option I'm not finding or a cool shortcut I can try to make this dialogue box go back to it's original size?



      side notes:
      InDesign CS5.5 (not most updated version because it will not work with MediaLink)

      my InDesign is paired up with MediaLink which helps handle the flow of advertisements that need to be worked on