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    Trying to Create a non-sequential document


      I create a lot of front matter, chapter breaks and back matter for books this is then moved into prepress and merged with other content. We start with a book map and enter the pages we would need using the "start page numbering at" in the New Section dialogue box to force the pages into the correct page number position. For example I may have pages 1-7, 31-32, 63-64, 99-105. I think this could be scripted but I not sure where to begin. I think I could prompt for the page numbers, create a document with the largest page number, apply starting page numbers every page and delete all those that don't exist in the prompted array. Does this seem like the correct way? Does anyone have an idea of how this could be done or where to start? Thanks



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          As a short framework - I would start with dialogBox:

          •      edittext box for startNumber input
          •      edittext box for endNumber input
          •      listbox with existing masterSpreads to apply
          •      button for "Execute"
          •      button for "Stop"


          dialog is shown repeatly till "Stop" button is pressed

          each "Execute" action adds pages as a section from start... to endNumber