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    learning to develop in flex with a clean slate

      Hello all... i am looking for some honest unbiased advice (if possible).

      I am new to programming in general and have looked over my options in terms of available languages that i can learn.
      My goal is to develop RIAs specifically for web stores... nothing else...... at this point.
      I want to be able to use flex to put the entire projects together incorporating elements that i design in flash.
      From what i gather, to be a master at this, i will need to know xml (mxml?) and actionscript 3.0 thoroughly.

      So my question is will learning those languages inside and out suffice? if not which languages do i need to know? i want to emphasize the point that i do NOT want to be a guy that knows every single programming language out there... you've read my goals in the above paragraph... i want my skillset to be thorough enough for me to put my functional e commerce interface ideas into action... but i want to be realistic in my approach for going about this.

      I am very passionate about online commerce and i really want to get involved with flex... your honest replies will be incredibly helpful

      thank you