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    aerendercore stalls/hangs at times.... why ?


      My System: Apple MP6,1 12-core, 1TB SSD, 64GB RAM, dual D700s.

      My OS: Mac OS X 10.9.3


      Running CC and importing some 2500 items to be rendered and aerendercore process stalls


      This seems to happen now and then. It's not consistent, but when it happens it is obviously annoying. Up to the point where aerendercore is running flat out while it's using all 24 threads on my MP6,1 12-core. Then it suddenly stalls and the aerendercore process falls down to using around 8% cpu as seen in Activity Monitor.


      When aerendercore stalls it seems to be hung and the application cannot be quit.


      I've also noted that if I switch user accounts that this problem goes away for a while but will eventually re-occur.


      Maybe a pref file gets corrupted, but dunno...


      Is there a solution for this or maybe a workaround I can employ.