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    Linux FreeBSD 6.0 Configuration

      I have a FreeBSD6.0 server running MYSQL5, PHP5 and Apache2.1. Some Flash works, for example, I have a counter, that calls a php file, that updates a counter in that file, and then the flash imports the text file and displays it. But when I Try to run a SQL query with the passing of variables, nothing happens. I suppose I can write the data to a text file, but the problem with that is if more than one user accessing, I would have problems keeping the data separate. I have put markers in my PHP file to see if it is being called by the Flash, writing the variables to a text file, and I get nothing. I also had it write a label to the text file, and I also see nothing. When I click on the submit button, I get a message in my brower that keeps recycling.

      I have installed the JRE5 and JDE5 for FreeBDS and I have tried to get Flex2 for Linux installed but I keep running into a display problem. I do not have the room to install X windows, (only have 6 gigs of space and X Windows can take up to 4 gigs of space. I have tried running Xvfb and I get just so far before I get an error, can not connect to the defined screen.

      Has anyone else have this problem and how did you solve it. Would appreciate any suggestions. You can email me at martjj@sbcglobal.net.

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          pajaroplus Level 1
          it is too messy. do you have problems with loadVars?
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            bardgd Level 1
            I have simplified the process. two variables, I know the Database server is working, I can write a PHP file that accesses the database and retrieves the information. I also tried LoadAndSend, LoadVar with the same results. I am using Flash 7 with action script 2.

            I wrote a simple php file that should get the variables, and I told the PHP script to print them to a file. I am very careful of the capitals and syntax. I use to do a lot of coding in C on a unix system. Also did some java programming, so I make sure my code is pretty. ALso did a _POST and HTTP_POST_VAR with the same negitive results.

            In the flash properties, I have defined the text areas as input text and dynamic text. the variable name is lower case just like in the script below.
            on (release, keyPress "<Enter>") {
            if (length.user > 0 && length.pass > 0) {
            status = "Begin Login Process - Wait...";
            loadVariablesNum("mylogin.php", 0, "POST");

            I am not sure if I have a problem with my coding or with the Linux server. I read as long as you are doing Text that you did not need anything special on the server other than the JRE and JDE installed.

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              pajaroplus Level 1
              i do this:

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                bardgd Level 1
                Thank you for the suggestions, That is different than what I have been doing. I will give it a try and see what happens.