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    Migrating a Mac license of CS5 Master Collection to a PC

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      Hi all. I've got a box copy of the CS5 master collection and a Mac that is old and failing quickly. I was required to purchase this computer for college and it has seen much use. Macs are expensive and a new one is not something I have the funds to allocate to. I'm going to be building a PC tower (boo, I know ) because I can get the most bang for my buck that way, and as I am one of those "starving artists" I don't have multiple hundreds of dollars to spend on a new license on top of the money it will cost to build a new work computer for myself. The cloud stuff isn't really an option either.


      But I digress, my question is whether it's possible to migrate a Mac license of the suite to a PC (removing the programs from the Mac in the process)?


      Apologies if this has been asked already. I was not able to find an answer in my Googling or searching of the Adobe forum (just ones pertainting to PC to Mac migrations). Thanks.

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          Boxed versions of Adobe products usually comes with cross platform applications and serial numbers.  This being the case, have you got the disks for windows in the box you bought?  If so then yes it is possible to install it on your new machine with those disks and serial number.


          You can deactivate the product from Apple Mac and install and activate on your new Pc.  Please also note that you are allowed to install the product on two machines - laptop and a desktop but most people install it on two laptops or two desktops or laptop and a desktop.


          Hope this helps.