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    How to automatically set transitions including overlap?


      I have a question about default transitions between video clips (and their associated audio tracks) in Premiere Elements 11.


      What I want to happen is that each pair of clips is overlapped through the transition (eg around 25 frames/1 second for PAL video which is my source) when new clips are added to the timeline - audio and video both. I do not want repeated frames.


      I cannot work out how to make this happen without manually dragging each of the clips along the timeline after they are added, one at a time.


      If I set defaults first and then add clips to the timeline, the transitions aren't applied automatically; when I then select all clips and apply the default transitions, I find that the clips still butt up against one another end to end, not overlapped, so there are repeated frames. I am a recent convert from a much older versions of Vegas Movie Studio where this behaviour was an easy default and am finding it frustrating trying to replicate what seems to me like an obvious requirement, so any pointers would be much appreciated.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please review my work on how transitions work in Premiee Elements

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Video Transitions - Part 2 How They Work

          especially with regard trimmed and untrimmed clips, repeat frames, handles, and transition alignment.





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            junkbandman Level 1

            Thanks for this, ATR, your page explains the interaction between the trimming and transitions nicely.


            Unfortunately I think this might confirm that what I'm looking for is not available as a "set and forget" option in PE11.


            If I understand correctly I need something like the following workflow:


            - Trim the clip (each clip) manually - by zooming in and dragging the handle till I have taken a second off the first clip which takes a bit of trial and error (no autosnap to one second?), then zoom back out, go to the end of the following clip, zoom back in and do the same, and allow ripple to work its magic.

            - Select my one transition and drop it into place, then make a position selection (left, right or centre) from the dialog that pops up.

            - Then select an audio transition and drop it into place, and get frustrated with my inability to select 'centre' as only left or right are available to me. - correction, I've just discovered that *after* being able to select only left or right, I can then drag the audio transition where I originally wanted it on the timeline as yet another separate action.

            - Rinse and repeat for each of my clips in the timeline...

            - Then repeat all the above for all the projects I'm currently stepping through, all of which are essentially the same structure - I'm doing a one-off capture of a bunch of old MiniDV tapes before disposing of a camcorder.


            Am I right, or is there actually a "save this behaviour as the default" option that I simply haven't found yet? If so then I might end up dropping back to Vegas to simplify the clip handling as it does support this default transition arrangement.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              There have been occasions when I can extract from Premiere Elements functions thought not possible. However, for this one at this time, I see no "save this behavior as the default" for your Premiere Elements 11 transitions.


              I had one "bright" idea to place one video transition

              Duration: 1 second

              Alignment: Left Clip

              and under More

              Start/end points

              A = 0.5

              B = 99.5


              Then, right clicked the placed transition and select Copy from the pop up menu, followed by movements of the Timeline Indicator with a paste between each pair of clips.


              Great, except that the copy transition always had a Between Clip, not a Left Clip alignment. However other settings from the original transition were maintained in the copy, such as Start/end points for A and B.


              When you bring up the display of transitions under the Transitions Tab in the Expert workspace, you can select there a default transition, but not the default transition with user customized settings. See right clicking a transition under Transitions Tab and the sole choice "Set Selected As Default Transition".


              It is interesting to learn that your Vegas program does have this transitions' "save this behavior as default" opportunity.


              Sorry the news was not better.



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                junkbandman Level 1

                Thanks again for this.


                I might still perservere - I was hoping to use this project to get to grips with PE11 anyway, it's just a matter of minimising the repetitive stuff. Was just a little frustrated to find I couldn't do something I'd been taking for granted elsewhere.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the update.


                  We will be watching for your progress when you get a chance.


                  Maybe as you work with the program longer you will find tradeoffs in the program that make it worthwhile.


                  Best wishes and thanks for looking at the comments and suggestions.