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    RH X3 to X4 error

      I have the task to update the RH files after a person was taken off the project. I installed X4 but when I attempt to start it up, it starts X3 and any file I open gives an incompatibility message (all files were created in 2003-2004). Any suggestions? It seems to work OK for the other 2 people who use it.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Are you using the same PC and if so, was X3 removed first?

          Was X4 installed using your logon and with admin rights?

          Did you get any messages about earlier versions being installed?

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            jastrazinsky Level 1
            This is an existing PC that never had any version of RoboHelp on it. It was installed by me with my admin rights. I did an uninstall and reinstalled but get the same error.
            The actual message is: 'This project is from a newer version of the program. This project is no longer compatible with this version. Please make sure you have the newest version installed.'
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Ah! That's the reverse. If you installed X4 and are getting that message, it means the project has been opened in X5 or RH6.

              See the topic on my site about Opening RH Projects. It gives some workarounds. Shouldn't take you more than a year or two. Just kidding, it may take a little while but nothing too onerous.

              Post back if you hit problems.