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    premier pro installtion on d drive


      I have windows installed on my C:\drive which is a small SSD drive the computer came with. This disk is full and there is no space for Premier pro..

      I have a 1TB hard disk for data E:\drive

      I have another SSD disk which I can put in this computer as my D;/Drive and I want to install premier pro on this. Will the fact that windows is not on the same disk as Premier pro and that this is not the boot disk cause any degradation of Premier Pro's performance?


      (I do not want to replace my c:\drive with this larger SSD because I do not want to reinstall windows and all those other software).

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          I just recently replaced a slow 1 TB 5400 rpm drive on this laptop with a highly recommended (if your computer has a SATAIII interface) Samsung 840 Pro SSD on this relatively new laptop absolutely painlessly.  The SSD comes with a CD that makes the process easy.  I have never tried putting Premiere on another drive but have seen most people saying to not do that.  Unless you make other arrangements, Premiere is going to write the media cache to your C: drive and cause you new problems.  You might want to read Harm's great article on Tuning your computer and actually the whole Tweakers Guide on our site.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            You should be able to install the program to another drive. Keep in mind part of the install goes under the user profile no matter where you install the programs. You will need some room for that. You also want to make sure the media cache gets moved off the C drive since that defaults to the user profile.




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              Arun3101 Level 1

              Thanks guys for your replies. I need a little more info than the above, I read on the web, before I posted this question here and noted that I will be able to install premier pro  on d:\drive. The reason to post my question here is to get advice regarding performance issues, if any, that I may face if I do not install the program on c: drive. If premier is going to run very slow by installing on a drive other than the drive where windows and user profile resides, then I may have to replace my old small SSD disk with the larger one and reinstall windows and other programs. On the other hand, I do not want to go through that if there will not be significant performance degradationt. Hope someone helps me with this part of the question.( I will set preferences for cache to be on the regular hard disk, not either of the SSD drives. My above question is regarding the program location itself, not regarding the cache file)

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                If the D drive has the same performance as the other drive then the performance should not be any different. Volume identities do not change the performance of read requests by applications. The only limitation would be application polling that always starts on a different drive before the target volume.




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                  Arun3101 Level 1

                  Thanks Eric.