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    using the preview button in camera raw

    ceepank Level 1

      Im learning to use camera raw via an online tutorial.


      The tutorial explains that the preview button can be toggled on and off to show before and after of changes made in each adjustment panel, and then by going to the presets or snapshots panel I can toggle the preview button to show before and after of all adjustments made to the image.


      However, while this is working for adjustments in the right hand panels - e.g. basic/detail/grayscale etc, when i make an adjustment in the top left and panels e.g. adjustment brush/gradient filter etc and return to to the presets panel and switch the preview P key on and off, these adjustments remain. I would like to be able to preview before and after all changes made to the image - which is what the tutorial is telling me should happen.


      Any suggestions please?!


      Thank you