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    Print Params for page scale

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      In my PDF form I am printing one of the pages to a label printer and to get it centred on the label I needed to shrink it then upscale it to make it central on the label as I could not move it because it was at the limits of the page, anyway to achieve this I print the label at 125% in print dialogue box but I am wanting to get rid of the need for that so I need to know how to set the print scale via javascript I already have a  button set up to print off the pages just not to upscale them.


      If anyone knows how to do this it would be a great help!




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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I recently had a similar problem and couldn't really find a solution for it. The options available to you with PrintParams are somewhat limited.

          For page scaling you can choose between: None, Fit, Shrink, Tile All, Tile Large, nUp or Booklet, but you can't specify a specific scaling factor, as far as I can see.

          However, if you print a document using such a factor I believe this setting will be saved and then re-used when you print using the PrintParams object. But I'm not 100% sure about that, and it's obviously not an ideal situation...