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    ACR doesn't resize to specified px dimensions.




      When I open files with different sizes & dimensions in ACR, I define a ratio and resize one image then synchronize the batch, then, in the saving panel, I select my saved export options and ACR doesn't export to the same exact pixel dimensions I specified.e,


      For example, when I use the crop tool with a 3:4 ratio to all my files, then I specifiy I want 1500x2000 files in the "resize to fit" panel, some files will be resized correctly, but others (with different original ratios ) will be resized at 1024x2000!
      Sometimes even one pixel is missing (1999x2000 for example).


      Why? is it a bug I can report? Or is ACR only able to crop and resize files with same original ratios - and get confused when processing batch of different dimensions files?


      Thank you.


      NB: It seems users had similar problems with LR: LR 5 - Image Sizing Dimensions - wrong image size but I dont see how the answers may apply to ACr.