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    Question about child "windows"

      Hello Everyone,

      First, I want to thank everyone who's so graciously taken their time to answer my previous questions. Because of you, I am well on my way to developing my very first real world Flex application. I am consistently astounded at how helpful this community is and am very thankful to have you all here.

      Now, I do have one question about some code that works on the example but not in real life. I am trying to open a popup window from a class named composeScreen. In my CDATA section, I have the following code:

      function showWindow(modal) {
      var popup = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, composeNewMessage, modal, {deferred: true});

      Yet, when I save the program, Flex Builder tells me:

      "Access of undefined property mx"

      Any idea why this is happening?
      I've even tried importing the mx.managers.popUpManager class and it makes no difference.

      Please help! This is driving me nuts!

      Thanks in Advance,