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    Image resizing messed up in a tween

      I am having a problem that is probably pretty simple but I am not sure what to look for.

      I have a movie clip that is basically just used as a small popup window with attachmovieclip();

      The clip is just a little window with a few images in it that people can use to select their choice, the images at load are set to 20% opacity and then on mouse over change to 100%

      I made a little X button at the top to cancel the window and close it without selecting anything.

      Whe the movie loads it goes through a tween of starting really small and just resizing to the actual size so it has a smooth pop up type effect, then the opposite on close.

      If you click the link in the main movie to open the window it works great, as well when you click the x it cancels the window without sending any data.

      The problem I have is when you mouse over any of the buttons and then either click to select an option or even just click the X to cancel the images do not resize with the tween when it does the close tween.

      Basically the images stay as full size when the window starts to shrink and it looks really bad, any ideas?